Consumer Advisory Council

Our role

Our Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) acts as a liaison between the Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) and the community. This is achieved by providing:

  • suggestions, recommendations and advice in respect to the provision of services by the RkPG
  • consumer, carer and community perspectives to the RkPG’s Executive Team.

Our aim

To raise awareness of consumers’ rights to comment on and be involved with our health planning. Our CAC will:

  • ensure that every opportunity is taken to raise awareness of this right
  • promote the value of consumer participation.

Our achievements

In recent years our CAC has assisted the community and the RkPG via:

Our vision

To promote consumer participation and liaise between the community and the RkPG.

Get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • become a CAC member
  • advise us of your concerns
  • join another of our volunteer groups
  • provide feedback to the RkPG
  • invite us to speak to your community group.

Contact us