The Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) is part of the South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS). The group is led by a local executive team that ultimately reports to the Ministers for Health and Mental Health through the SMHS Chief Executive.

Our executive, the peak leadership team, are experienced health care professionals who are committed to providing safe, high-quality health care. They are responsible for issues of governance, quality work practices, human resources, business and finance.

Members of the executive team include:

Kathleen Smith   Susan Moore   Heather Pearce
Kathleen Smith
Executive Director
Rockingham Peel Group
  Susan Moore
Nursing and Midwifery

  Heather Pearce
Nursing Co-Director
Surgery and Specialist Care

Andrew Thompson   Anthony Collier   Dr Gordon Shymko
Dr Andrew Thompson
Medical Co-Director
Surgery and Specialist Care

  Anthony Collier
Service Co-Director
Mental Health

  Dr Gordon Shymko
Clinical Services

  Dr Bheemasenachar Prasad   Mark Burrows
Dr Sunny Varghese
Mental Health

  Dr Bheemasenachar Prasad
Medical Co-Director
Acute and Community Medicine

  Mark Burrows
Adult and Community Medicine

Portrait of Wendy Lee Scott Goder
Wendy Lee
Nursing Co-Director
Acute and Community Medicine

  Scott Goder
Corporate Operations and Finance