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The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) provides assistance to eligible residents of the Peel region for the cost of accessing specialist medical services not available locally.

A subsidy toward the cost of travel and/or accommodation may be provided dependent upon meeting the eligibility criteria, however it does not cover all of the costs associated with travel to a specialist medical appointment.

Referrals for PATS assistance are made by medical practitioners at the time of making the referral.

Your local hospital or medical practitioner can provide details of specialist medical services covered under PATS.

Specialist medical services

Most specialist services covered by Medicare are eligible under PATS.

However, referrals to other health professionals, for example allied health (speech pathology, physiotherapy, podiatry, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, audiology, and pathology), dentists and nursing professionals, are not covered by PATS.


You may be eligible if you are:

  • a permanent resident of the Peel region, residing in post codes
    • 6207
    • 6208
    • 6209
    • 6210
    • 6211
    • 6213
    • 6214
    • 6215


  • required to travel more than 100 km1 one-way to access the nearest eligible medical specialist for medical treatment not available locally or from a visiting service


  • required to travel between 70 km and 100 km1 to access the nearest eligible medical specialist for cancer or dialysis treatment.

Patients who are eligible to claim for assistance under other schemes e.g. DVA, workers compensation, motor vehicle accident or employer funded are not eligible for PATS.

Assistance available

For travel over 100 km:

  • fuel subsidy is calculated at 16 cents/kilometre
  • accommodation and escort assistance may be available dependant on circumstances (please contact the Peel PATS office for further information).

For travel between 70 km to 100 km:

  • up to $20 per round trip travel subsidy. Evidence of your appointment is required e.g. appointment card or letter, as well as the blue specialist form. For ticket subsidy to be reimbursed, train/bus tickets should be presented.

Note 1: Eligibility and level of assistance is dependent on the distance travelled from your suburb to the treatment centre suburb. Distances are calculated using Google Maps.

Completing an application

In order to be eligible for PATS, you need your local referring doctor to complete the application form in the first instance. See the flowchart overleaf which guides you through the PATS application process.

Forms are available from the Peel PATS office, Murray District Hospital, Mandurah Community Health Centre or your referring medical practitioner.

Applications must be lodged prior to travelling.

PATS applications and claims can be lodged in person, by post or fax. Detailed contact information is contained in the application form.

Please ensure sufficient time is left for each step of the application process.

In assessing your application, we may contact your medical practitioner if required, to verify referral details.

Find out more about PATS for country residents outside of the Peel district (external site).

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