Visiting times

Visiting times are 8am–8pm daily.

We welcome you to visit your relative or friend while they are a patient at either Rockingham General or Murray District Hospitals.

All wards have a rest period where the patients are encouraged to rest. Visitors may be asked to leave the ward during this time. Patients wishing to have visitors during this rest period may be asked to move to a lounge area so as to allow other patients quiet rest time.

Please be aware that nursing staff on individual wards may adjust the visiting hours to meet the medical requirements of the patients on that ward.

Some areas such as the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, Paediatric Unit and Maternity Ward have restricted visiting.

Please check with ward staff for further information or if you wish to visit outside these hours.

For the comfort of all patients, we recommend short visits and to limit the number of visitors as adequate rest is essential for all patients. Children should be supervised so as not to disturb other patients.

Flowers are able to be brought onto most wards.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our health service grounds.

Latex balloons are not permitted within our hospital

Some staff and patients in our hospital experience severe anaphylactic (allergic) reactions to latex. For their safety please do not bring latex balloons onto the hospital site.


Your family and friends can telephone the Rockingham General Hospital switchboard on 9599 4000 or the Murray District Hospital switchboard on 9531 7222 for general enquiries