Team effort behind falls prevention

Group of phyiotherapists and occupational therapists
Falls Champions (l-r) Emma Brook, Chris Lee, Kristen Sokol and Kira Bramley.
July 25, 2019

A fall in hospital can have long-term adverse effects for patients, but the Falls Champion Program recently launched at Rockingham Peel Group is providing a team approach to keeping patients on their feet.

Senior Physiotherapist and Falls Champion Lead Christine Lee said the program provided a network for staff to share falls prevention ideas between wards and disciplines.

“Our Falls Champions are those at the forefront of delivering patient care and know what works best for their patients, colleagues and ward,” Christine said.

"They will be the source of the latest information and research around falls prevention and be the liaison between their colleagues and relevant committees and managers.”

There are currently 21 Falls Champions from the areas of medical, nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy across Rockingham General and Murray District hospitals.

A number of changes have already been implemented, including the use of colour-coded mobility charts to identify the type of assistance a patient requires when they are out of bed.

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