Setting goals to streamline discharge

Nurse standing with elderly couple outside hospital entrance
October 23, 2017

A new initiative recently introduced to the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) and Medical Ward is set to improve discharge planning and reduce delays for eligible patients.

Criteria-led discharge (CLD) will see the healthcare team, in consultation with the patient, set goals (criteria) required to be met before the patient can be discharged.

As long as all predetermined goals, clinical and discharge criteria are met, a CLD competent nurse will then be able to discharge eligible patients without waiting for routine medical review on the day of discharge.

Patient Flow Clinical Nurse Manager Gaye McCulloch said the criteria will include a combination of clinical and social requirements.

“There are a number of benefits for patients including earlier involvement in their own discharge planning and better ability to plan for discharge with their loved ones,” Gaye said.

“Another highlight is that their day of discharge will be streamlined with minimal delays.”

CLD is a model of care common in the United Kingdom and eastern Australia.

“Research shows that CLD results in improved communication and efficiency, as well as reduced length and stay and a better overall experience for patients,” Gaye said.

CLD will occur from Monday to Friday, with weekend discharges continuing to follow the traditional medical-led model.