Seeking new members for Rockingham Consumer Advisory Council

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RkPG Consumer Advisory Council Deputy Chair Tina Tuira-Waldon
February 21, 2019

Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) is looking for new members to help represent the patient population.

The council provides advocacy for the planning and delivery of health care services across the Rockingham Peel region.

As a seasoned healthcare consumer, CAC Deputy Chair Tina Tuira-Waldon joined the council to expand her professional health network and to participate in advocacy opportunities.

“During my time at CAC, I have been given other opportunities to be a representative or be on board positions with other health organisations. Your time is never wasted, it is valued.

“The hospital seeks your input so they can provide all patients with better outcomes and improve the delivery of care,” Tina said.

CAC volunteers are needed to share their experience, knowledge and technical capabilities and are required to attend monthly meetings at Rockingham General Hospital.

“This year CAC would like to see more involvement from people from a culturally diverse background. We are looking for individuals with an interest in health care or considering it as a career path,” Tina said.

By providing support to the hospital in all levels of health planning, CAC volunteers have the opportunity to raise awareness of consumer rights and act as the key liaison between RkPG and the wider community.

“The biggest advantage of being part of the  CAC is being able to advocate for consumers in the different disciplines of the healthcare industry.

“If you are looking to make a positive contribution to the community, CAC can be the first step forward in your career,” Tina said.

To learn more about the RkPG CAC, visit the CAC webpage.

If you would like to register your interest for a position, contact the Consumer Advisory Council directly by email on

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