Mental Health Service walks for recovery

Group of people at beach holding colourful banner reading 'Mental Health Week'
The community walking group meets weekly 10am Monday at Church Hill Park, Rockingham Beach Foreshore
October 13, 2017

Staff, consumers, carers and volunteers joined together to celebrate Mental Health Week with a ‘Walk for Recovery’ on Wednesday, highlighting the importance of unity and social connection in mental wellbeing.

Participants enjoyed a short walk from the Mental Health Unit (Mimidi Park) around the Rockingham General Hospital campus before returning to hear a ‘Story of Hope’ from a mental health consumer.

The Walk for Recovery, which began in 2011, aims to bring people together to reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

Walking is a common theme for the Mental Health Service. Peer Support Recovery Worker Derek Horlin also coordinates a weekly community walking group which brings together people from all walks of life.

Derek said the group aimed to address social isolation in the therapeutic environment of Rockingham foreshore.

“Being part of the walking group allows people to link in with the wider community and learn more about employment, education, social and allied health services and networks,” Derek said.

“We also teach participants about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how physical activity can help to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.”

Both groups held a banner made by Mimidi Park patients as they walked this week, promoting the theme of Mental Health Week 2017 – ‘Connect with nature, connect with community, connect with self for mental wellbeing’.

In celebration of Mental Health Week, the Peel Community Mental Health team also held a stall at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo in Mandurah, educating the community about the range of services available to them. 

Rockingham Peel Group Mental Health Service Co-Director Anthony Collier said Mental Health Week was a timely reminder of the important role that social and community connections play in our mental wellbeing.

“Mental Health Week activities like these remind people of the importance of our mental wellbeing,” Anthony said.

“The impact of mental illness is significant and it is one of the major health issues in our community. By working together and reducing stigma, positive difference is possible.”

For more information about Mental Health Week, visit the WA Association for Mental Health website (external site).

Learn more about Rockingham Peel Group’s mental health services.

  Woman leaning over table talking to another woman 
The Mental Health and Wellbeing Expo in Mandurah