Maternity project named excellence award finalist

Group of staff in maternity unit room
Midwife Rebecca Park, Clinical Nurse Specialist Elaine Kottler, Maternity Unit Manager Alicia Pearce, Senior Project Officer Emily Nolan and Resident Medical Officer Dr Emma Higgisson
September 28, 2018

A project at Rockingham General Hospital assisting in the safe and fast care of women requiring an emergency C-section has been named a finalist in the 2018 WA Health Excellence Awards.

Research shows the risk to mother and baby is reduced the quicker an emergency C-section can be performed.

The Rapid Access for Patients Imminent Delivery (RAPID) project set out to review the process whereby staff respond to women requiring an emergency C-section.

A button was implemented within the labour ward which, when pressed, sends an alert to required staff and sounds an alarm throughout the ward.

In addition, a designated bay was established in theatres with all the equipment required to prepare mothers for an emergency C-section.

Since its commencement in November last year, RAPID has enabled staff to act quickly and safely to deliver babies by emergency C-section within best practice timeframes.

Resident Medical Officer Dr Emma Higgisson led the project.

“Our aim was to improve communication between the disciplines, to set out clear roles and responsibilities and create a streamlined process guaranteeing safe and high quality care,” Dr Higgisson said.

“I am incredibly pleased with the results of this project, which have shown significant benefits to mother’s in need of an emergency C-section.” 

The RAPID project is a finalist within the ‘Improving safety and quality’ category. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 8 November.

Congratulations to the RAPID project team.

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