Local students revitalise hospital bus stop with mural

Two high school aged students sit at brightly painted bus stop, with a woman and two men standing nearby. A large kangaroo has been painted on the wall of the bus stop.
Rockingham Senior High School students and members of Rockingham General Hospital’s Healthier Workplace committee at the hospital’s new bus stop mural.
June 21, 2019

A colourful new mural has popped up outside Rockingham General Hospital (RGH) thanks to the creativity of Rockingham Senior High School students and local artist Samantha Prentice.

The revitalised bus stop aims to curb smoking in what has become a congregation point for smokers, and is one of a number of new smoke free initiatives at the hospital.

Middle school students from Rockingham Senior High School have been fortunate enough to work under the guidance of renowned muralist Samantha giving them the opportunity to learn new design skills, spray painting skills and other tricks of the trade.

Xavier studies art at school and said he had learnt a lot by being involved in the project.

“We have been learning about how to paint and what colours to use. It’s a lot more fun than my normal day at school,” Xavier said.

RGH Manager Adult Community and Allied Health Mark Burrows said the design was inspired by the Noongar language and local wildlife.

“We have been working alongside local artist Samantha Prentice who has brought our vision to life, with her animated, colourful design featuring a large kookaburra, kangaroo, dream time snake and fun patterns,” Mark said.

“By updating this older style shelter with a more modern feel, we hope to change the aesthetics and help reduce the temptation to smoke there.

“Being able to work with other local providers to address an issue that negatively impacts on individuals and communities is a really powerful message. We all care about health and wellbeing and the various ways we can encourage people to reduce cigarette harm.”

This collaboration has been a first for South Metropolitan Health Service, Rockingham Senior High School and the City of Rockingham.

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