Donation brightens stay for Aboriginal mothers

A man and three woman standing in front of a piece of Aboriginal art on a wall
Manager Adult Community and Allied Health Services Mark Burrows, Maternity Unit Manager Alicia Pearce, Babbingur Mia Health Practitioner Emily Garlett and Child Health Nurse Debbie Scott
December 5, 2017

Aboriginal mothers in Rockingham General Hospital’s (RGH) Maternity Unit can now enjoy colourful Aboriginal artwork during their stay, thanks to a donation by South Coastal Babbingur Mia.

Staff at Babbingur Mia initiated the donation as many of their clients utilise Room 26 of RGH’s Maternity Unit, which is dedicated to caring for Aboriginal mothers and their newborns.

Aboriginal workers at South Coastal Babbingur said they were proud to donate the artwork to help brighten the room and make it more culturally appropriate.

“Art is big part of aboriginal culture and we hope the artwork provided can assist families in making them feel more comfortable within the space,” they said.

Maternity Unit Manager Alicia Pearce said she was thrilled that a partnership with Babbingur Mia had been beneficial for patients of the Maternity Unit.

“We hope the artwork makes mothers feel a little more at home while they care for their newborn at Rockingham Hospital,” Alicia said.

“We thank Rhonda and Babbingur Mia for their kind donation and thinking of us and our Aboriginal patients.”