Carpenter Kingsley builds patient independence

A man leans against a car
The work of Home Care Carpenter Kingsley Purvis can make all the difference to patients who have returned home from hospital.
June 26, 2018

It takes more than just doctors and nurses to help our patients be as independent as possible.

Behind the scenes at Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) there are dozens of different professions working together, and each plays a key role in maximising the quality of life for our patients.

Home Care Carpenter Kingsley Purvis holds one such role.

“I came to this job after 18 years in the RAAF, which included a deployment to Iraq,” Kingsley said.

“Working in health is just about as different an environment as one could imagine but I’ve found my life experiences have helped me to find common ground with patients.”

“The field of home care carpentry is virtually unknown because it happens outside of the hospital, yet at least once a week we do something urgently for a patient which is often the difference between them going home and having to stay in hospital.

“We build and install aids for people from 4-years-old to 104 who could have anything from an amputation to cognitive impairment. Grab rails, ramps, shower platforms, raised furniture and extra steps all help to minimise the risk of falls and maximise their independence.

“For many patients it has been a condition of their discharge that aids be installed to allow recovery in their own homes. For others, it has allowed them to stay in their own homes, many of whom have nearly cried with relief with what we have done to make their lives more comfortable.”

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