Day Procedure Unit

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If you are coming into Rockingham General Hospital (RGH) for an operation you will most likely be admitted through the Day Procedure Unit (DPU).

The unit consists of patient bays and a small discharge lounge.

If you are having surgery as a day case patient (e.g. no overnight stay) you will have your procedure and return to the DPU and be discharged several hours after your surgery.

If you are having surgery but staying overnight you will also be admitted to the DPU but once your procedure is completed you will be transferred to the Multi-stay Surgical Unit. Occasionally patients may be sent to the ICU or the Paediatric ward (for paediatric admissions).

We hope your visit is as comfortable as possible. While we do make every effort to keep your waiting time to a minimum, sometimes due to emergencies this waiting time can be extended.

Please ensure you are wearing warm comfortable clothes and that you have a good book or some magazines to read while you wait. The waiting area has a TV and small selection of magazines. The nurses and clerical staff will keep you informed of the progress of your doctor's list.


Your doctor sets the order of his/her operating list and depending on the theatre list you will be provided with a time for your admission to the hospital.  As a result you may have a wait before your surgery (of between two and four hours). It is anticipated that you may be with us for eight hours in total.

If you are booked for morning theatre you will be given an admission time between 6.30am and 9.30am.

If you are on an afternoon theatre list your admission time will be between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

Every effort is made to ensure the pre-operative waiting time is as minimal as possible.

What to bring

We ask you to bring your medicare card and any important paperwork given to you about your operation, including any scans or results relating to your procedure.

Please also bring comfortable shoes or slippers suitable to walk in. At RGH we encourage our patients to walk between the DPU and the holding bay whenever possible.

It is advisable to leave all valuables at home. However if you are staying overnight, you may wish to hire a television so it is advisable to bring in money for this. Television hire is approximately $10 per day.

More information

Read more about your hospital stay, including admission and what to bring.

Operating hours

6.30am – 8.30pm, Monday to Friday

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