Pre-admission Clinic

An appointment with our Pre-admission Clinic (PAC) is your first step in preparing for planned surgery.

This important appointment:

  • allows our nurses to ask you about your health to ensure you are ready for surgery
  • provides you an opportunity to ask questions you may have about your surgery.

Depending on your health issues and the surgery planned, you may be asked to attend the clinic for this appointment, or you may have a phone appointment.

Before your appointment

Appointment times vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours – please ensure you allow suitable time for your appointment.

Whether you attend the clinic or have a phone appointment, please have at hand your medications, or a list of medications from your general practitioner or pharmacist, to allow reviewing before your surgery.

During your pre-admission appointment

During your appointment, you will:

  • undergo a comprehensive health assessment by nursing staff, with consultation from medical officers, anaesthetists and other health professionals such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists if required
  • be asked about pre-existing conditions and other health issues – this prevents unnecessary cancellations and enables many patients to be admitted on the day of their operation rather than the night before
  • undergo any necessary pre-surgery tests
  • receive information about your planned surgery, anaesthetic, and any medications you may need to take before your surgery.

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