Dietetics and Nutrition

Our dietetics and nutrition service aims to optimise the health outcomes and nutritional status of:

  • inpatients across all wards and units
  • outpatients via clinics and group education.

We provide services across Rockingham General Hospital, Mandurah Community Health Centre and Murray District Hospital.

Hospitalised patients can face any number of nutritional issues. Our dietitians work with patients who require one or more of the following:

  • specialised oral nutrition supplements
  • special diet modifications
  • nutrition education
  • enteral nutrition (tube feeding)
  • total parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding).

Our services include:

  • assessing the nutritional status of our patients
  • calculating and determining their dietary requirements
  • providing adequate nutrition through specialised nutritional products
  • developing and implementing nutrition care plans
  • preparing patients for discharge and educating them about healthy eating once they are home
  • developing specialist resources
  • working with other health professionals and catering staff to ensure our meals are of a high standard and cater for the different dietary needs of our patients.

Home enteral nutrition

Our department provides home enteral nutrition (HEN) to eligible patients.

If you are a current HEN Rockingham Peel Group patient and need to place your next order, please phone our HEN dietitian on 9599 4825.

More information

The following general resources are not suitable for all patients but may be useful while you wait for your dietetic appointment.


Hospital locations

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Operating hours

Rockingham Hospital

8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday

Hours vary at Mandurah Community Health Centre and Murray District Hospital.

No weekend service across all sites.

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