Lesley’s 40 years of service amongst staff recognised

A woman stands outside a building
November 20, 2020

A total of 95 staff were recently acknowledged for reaching milestones of long service, including Hospital Information Management Service Education Officer Lesley Whiteoak for an impressive 40 years of service.

Lesley finished high school and barely a week later began working as a mail runner at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Now working at Rockingham Peel Group, Lesley has worked as a trainer for all of the patient administration systems over the years.

Her patient nature and passion for teaching has made for a fulfilling career at Rockingham Peel Group.

“I simply love training, I love to help people learn new things,” Lesley said.

While many things have changed around her, Lesley said Rockingham General Hospital has kept its “country hospital” feel.

“It is a very supportive environment, the people are warm and friendly and always willing to help.”

Lesley completed her Certificate 4 in education and training whilst employed at RkPG.

“It has been a blessing to have the support of management to complete further education and be able to bring those learning directly into the job.

“Rockingham Peel Group is a great place to work, with great people to work with, I am very proud to have reached 40 years of service.”

RkPG Executive Director Kath Smith thanked long serving staff at a celebration morning tea.

“What each one of you has achieved is nothing less than a mark of passion, dedication and perseverance,” Kath said.

“It has been a long journey full of opportunities, challenges and lessons learnt – and a result, our health service is filled with years of invaluable skill and knowledge.”

In 2020, 88 staff members have reached 10 years of service, 17 achieved 20 years of service and three staff members (Nicole Katnich, Maree McKinley and Miriam Plenderleith) were recognised for 30 years of service.

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