Holistic care for patients with diabetes

A young woman looks into eye screening equipment. A woman sits on the other side of the equipment.
Diabetes Educator Sharron Meakins performs a retinal eye screening.
July 18, 2019

A one-stop-shop screening appointment at Rockingham Peel Group’s Diabetes Centre is helping patients to catch diabetes-related complications early.

Run bi-monthly, the appointment is designed to capture patients who have not yet followed up on a series of screening tests.

Diabetes Educators, Maxine Schlaeppi, Sharron Meakins and Laura Cuthbert, have been upskilled to provide a retinal eye test, organise blood/urine pathology, psychological assessment and foot screening at one convenient appointment. A report from the appointment is then provided to the patient’s endocrinologist for any required follow-up or referrals.

Credentialed Diabetes Educator Sharron Meakins said the service was unique to a non-tertiary setting.

“The Diabetes Screening Clinic takes a holistic and coordinated approach to diabetes care,” Sharron said.

“The earlier a complication is identified and treated the better the outcome. It’s all about keeping the person independent and in control of their health.”

The Diabetes Screening Clinic commenced in November 2018 and has so far assisted in identifying complications in several patients who were referred for specialist care.

The Rockingham Peel Group’s Diabetes Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinic providing access to Specialist in endocrinology, diabetes education, dietetics, podiatry and psychology care.

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