Growing a mo in the name of rehab

A young woman stand besides an older man in a wheelchair. An older woman stands on the other side of the wheelchair. The man holds a sign that reads 'Whatever you grow will help a bro –’
Speech pathologist Kath Dabrowska with patient David Spillman and his wife.
November 14, 2019

Participating in Movember has given Aged Care Rehabilitation Unit patient David Spillman the perfect opportunity to combine his rehabilitation goals with his desire to support men’s health.

David first raised the idea of participating in Movember during a speech pathology therapy session following a stroke.

Patients who have experienced a stroke affecting the right hemisphere may present with communication deficits including the ability to listen to others, take turns in conversation, make eye contact when communicating.

This patient and family centred project is fully led by David with participation from his family and friends promoting motivation and shared-decision making. David and his wife are also fully engaged in his treatment and goal achievement.

David’s multidisciplinary goals include registering online to collect donations, advertising via posters and flyers for patients, and hosting a morning tea at which he will make a short speech and receive questions.

ACRU Nurse Unit Manager Joanne Hughes thanked the multidisciplinary team for their efforts with David.

“It is a wonderful innovation combining therapy goals with a health awareness campaign,” Joanne said.

“This is a perfect example of how rehab goals can be created by a collaboration between therapist and the patient, with the additional bonus of a completed individualised and meaningful therapy program.”

You can support David’s cause via the Movember website (external site).

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