Friends of Murray District Hospital bring a cool change for patients

Five woman standing in front of an ice machine and refridgerator
Friends of Murray District Hospital (L-R Ivy Walter, Rae Endersby, Dallas Edmondson and Daphne Eldridge) and Clinical Nurse Lisa Lindgren with the newly donated ice machine.
June 29, 2018

After three years of hard work fundraising, the Friends of Murray District Hospital (FMDH) were proud to donate an ice machine to enhance patient comfort at the hospital.

FMDH President Rae Enderby  said the effort to raise the money for the ice machine was worth it.

“The ice machine was a big item for us, taking three years to raise more than $5000 needed to purchase it, but we knew it would make a real difference to patients.”

The dispenser has been donated to ward one, who look after a variety of patients including those in palliative care, awaiting a care placement, maintenance patients and rehabilitation patients.

The ice machine is being used in several ways, allowing patients to have icy cold drinks and for patients who can’t swallow, the ice is used to moisten their lips and mouth.

Murray District Hospital (MDH) Acting Nurse Unit Manager Chris Warfield said the ice machine has been a great benefit for patients and the staff.

“Our patients are truly seeing the benefits of the generous donation,” Chris commented.

“It has been a fabulous addition to the hospital and we are so grateful to the volunteers for making it possible.”

The volunteer group plays an important role in the hospital.

They hold bric-a-brac stalls, organise raffles, provide care packs and visit patients with a trolley full of goodies.

Rae, who has been volunteering at MDH for an incredible 27 years, said the role of the FMDH was to provide additional support to enhance the patient experience.

“The hospital gives us a wish list of items they would like. As a team we assess and determine what we would like to raise money for and donate,” she said.

In a generous turn of events the FMDH received a grant from local op-shop, Mayday, which covered the cost of the ice machine, leaving the volunteers with the money they raised to donate to MDH in another way.