Volunteering at Rockingham General Hospital

Rockingham General Hospital Auxiliary

In 1976 (not long after the hospital opened) the RGH Auxiliary was established. The Auxiliary manage and staff Elanora’s Café and Gift Shop and run a trolley service for patients on the wards. The profits from these retail outlets are reinvested back into the hospital. 

The Auxiliary’s membership is diverse, representing school children through to retirees, and they have recently implemented a program for people with disabilities to join the team.

Friends of Rockingham General Hospital

Formally established in 2002, the Friends of RGH run a number of support programs for patients and visitors.

These programs include:

  • concierge service
  • Parents’ Support Program to support families with children undergoing day surgery
  • knitting and distributing trauma teddies
  • trolley service to wards providing free reading material (magazines)
  • refreshing flowers
  • provision of emergency overnight stay toiletry kits. 

Volunteer Transport Service

The Volunteer Transport Service was introduced in 1999. The service was established as a result of community members recognising that there was a need to provide transport to and from the local hospital for people who are unable to utilise family support or public transport. 

Radio Lollipop

Introduced into the paediatric ward in 2009, Radio Lollipop (external site) brings laughter, fun and games to the children. A small group of volunteers run the satellite Radio Lollipop service and are dedicated to making a child’s stay in hospital more fun and less daunting.

Contact us

RGH Auxiliary President

Phone: 9599 4585
Email: rghauxiliary@health.wa.gov.au

Friends of RGH President

Email: rgh.friends@health.wa.gov.au

Transport Office

Phone: 9599 4885

Radio Lollipop Office

Phone: 9340 8835
Fax: 9381 3355
Email: vc.rockingham@radiolollipop.org
Address: GPO Box D184 Perth Western Australia 6840
Office hours: 9.30am – 2.30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 9am – 4.00, Tuesday and Thursday